Women@The Alfred, as an honorary group, has been extremely effective in raising the awareness of Prostate Cancer. With the support of many friends we have purchased essential equipment and provided state of the art facilities to support all Victorians Victorians diagnosed with this Silent Killer.

History of the Women@The Alfred

In 2001 fourteen women from all walks of life came together to fight Prostate Cancer. Our group, operating under the umbrella of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, was titled PRIVATE MEN’S BUSINESS (PMB).

At our first lunch in 2002 we raised over $100,000 and purchased, for the Royal Melbourne Hospital, an attachment for an MRI machine that facilitates early detection of minute cancer cells in the prostate.

In 2003, with an extended membership, our guest list increased from 130 to 370 men and we contributed $150,000 towards equipment purchased at The Alfred to treat cancer in the prostate.

The 2004 men’s lunch successfully raised $146,434 with $120,000 sent to St. Vincent’s Institute to assist Prostate Cancer research and a $26,434 cheque sent to The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

2005 was a year of change. We agreed to work with The Alfred Foundation and changed our name to Women@The Alfred. Once again we increased our membership and we re-named our function, “The Chairman’s Lunch”. With the professional support of Channel 7, Melbourne we raised $193,725 and purchased a 100-Watt Holmium Laser to treat prostate conditions.

In 2006, generously assisted by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd we purchased an Endosuite: Value $310,553

Mercedes-Benz continued to be our major sponsor in 2007. Assisted by Eddie McGuire, E.J. Whitten Foundation, Channel 7, Melbourne and Spotless we raised over $430,210 and equipped an isolation bay in the new Intensive Care Unit.

In 2008, along with two additional sponsors The Kefford Corporation and Bulgari, we raised over $603,269. This money has established a Prostate Cancer Clinic at The Alfred Centre, providing prostate specific medical facilities and counseling.

Despite the difficult financial climate of 2009 our lunch, attended by 510 men and strongly supported by all of our above mentioned partners, raised over $276,178.

The $512,562 raised in 2010 was truly amazing. Three functions contributed to this outcome: The 9th Annual Chairman’s Lunch $435,284 + The Australia Day Gala Dinner (Sponsored by Schiavello Group) $76,061 + Barloworld Golf Day $1,217.

The combined 2009-2010 total of $788,740 purchased ‘State of the Art’ equipment now being used by the Urology Department at the Alfred Centre and Alfred Hospital.

2011 was a tumultuous year that placed many pressures on the Australian giving spirit. From the New Zealand earthquakes, the Japanese tsunami and radiation disaster through to more domestic pressures of the Queensland and Victorian flood disasters. Believing that the Australian public was suffering from ‘compassion fatigue’ we unanimously decided to postpone the Tenth Chairman’s Lunch until August 2012.